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Picking out my favorite new fall show out of the lineup [Oct. 5th, 2011|09:41 am]

Guest post written by Pheobe Brooks

When I started reading about all of the different shows that are coming out this fall, I got so excited. I feel like last year there weren't that many good new shows that came on. But that's definitely not the case this year. I've been watching several of the new shows, but my overall favorite would be Zooey Deschanel's new show The New Girl.

That show is just so cute and funny. I could see why guys probably wouldn't like it, though. It's like someone wrote the show just to appeal to me or something. I looked online to read a bunch of the advanced reviews when I ran across the website After I looked through it a little bit I decided to change over my apartment's internet service to one of the packages on there.

Almost every New Girl review that I read out there was super positive. Of course, there were some people that didn't like it simply because they aren't a fan of Zooey. But I think that the overwhelming majority of people love it.

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Cowboy Bebop [Jun. 2nd, 2011|02:54 pm]

Cowboy Bebop

Thanks for the post from Hal Potter

Cowboy Bebop is a futuristic western TV show in the science fiction genre. It's one show that makes me thankful to have all these different channels on my the amount can sometimes be a pain to search through. Set in the year 2071, the series follows a group of cowboys on the ship Bebop. Although they are called "cowboys," they are pretty much what we would term bounty hunters. The protagonist of the story is Spike Spiegel who is a former member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. He is haunted by his past relationship in the sy! ndicate. Particular his association with a woman named Julia and his former syndicate partner Vicious. The ship Spike now finds himself aboard, Bebop, is owned by Jet Black, a former ISSP officer.

At the start of the series, the two are after a bounty on an asteroid affectionately known as New Tijuana. Along the way, they join forces with a female bounty hunter named Faye Valentine, an eccentric young hacker Edward and a laboratory dog that was tested upon named Ein. Faye and Edward also have some skeletons in their closets. The awesomeness of the show is how it blends different styles together into its own counterculture. Another thing I loved about the show is that it incorporates jazz with beat music. Both the opening and ending themes are definitely worth tuning into.

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Grandma [Sep. 19th, 2010|06:47 pm]
[mood |sadsad]

My grandma died yesterday evening.  :(  So Nate and I are driving up to NY this week to attend the funeral, etc.
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:( [May. 20th, 2010|04:30 pm]
[mood |crushedcrushed]
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RIP Minka
1997 ~ 2010

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Cinco de Mayo [May. 5th, 2010|10:53 am]
[mood |geekygeeky]
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Happy Birthday, Julia!

And happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone else. :)

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Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" [May. 4th, 2010|05:05 pm]
[mood |impressedimpressed]
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The English language section of our library doesn't really have many fun, girly-books to read, so my latest selections have been a bit more literature-y than I would normally pick.  Last week I read Alice Walker's "The Color Purple" in a day and a half, which was quite good.  Then I moved onto Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle."

Just finished reading this book and all I can say is WOW.  All I knew about it when I picked it off the shelf at the library was that it was the book that exposed the corruption and filthy conditions of the Chicago meatpacking industry at the turn of the century.  However, it's really much more than that -- it's the story of an immigrant family who comes to the US looking for the better life that they've been told about, only to find that they become cogs in the larger machine of corruption in all areas of Chicago society.  The family struggles through some of the most unimaginable situations, as most immigrants to the US did at that time.

What baffles me the most about the book is the many parallels it has to present day society!  They say that history repeats itself, and there is no doubt that this is the case today.  Some examples:

- The immigrant family is taken advantage of by a predatory lending scheme that promises them a "new" home for $300 down and $12/month, only to find out that the home is indeed not new and there are other hidden fees and costs that they must pay (remind you of the current housing situation with people with bad mortgages?)

- The book discusses many examples of corruption on behalf of the Meat Trust, the Oil Trust, the Steel Trust, the Rail Trust, which operate in all areas of life by bribing the police and politicians, buying votes, etc.  (Uhhh, can we say the current banking situation and other corporations that have been exposed for corruption?)

- Things being put into food that are unfit for human consumption (Anyone who has read "Fast Food Nation" or seen "Food, Inc." can attest to this, in addition to all the chemicals and non-food stuffs that are listed on product labels today).

- The way the meatpackers take advantage of the workers by paying low wages and the lack of rights workers had during that time.  (Granted, a lot of legislation has passed since then to create the 40 hour work week and to prevent child labor, but I can see parallels to this when I think about corporations who've taken away employee's pensions and done other backhanded things at the expense of their workers [Enron, the auto industry, the airline industry...])

And at the end, do you know what the main character concludes to be the solution to his woes and the woes of all of his fellow workers??  SOCIALISM!  Hmm.....

After reading it I feel that it should be required for all US history students!

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Maybe volcanos should errupt more often... [Apr. 22nd, 2010|09:57 am]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |none]

A few days ago I posted about my failed attempt to go back to the states for some job interviews I had lined up in my other blog, bet_zinfrance .

I was really bummed, but moreso worried that the principals wouldn't agree to phone interviews.

Well, it turns out I didn't have to worry.  After e-mailing all three, they all responded back saying that a phone interview would be fine given the circumstances.  Thankfully the volcano situation was widely reported on in the US, so they knew what was going on.  My first interview was for a middle school position on Monday, and my second interview was for an elementary position on Tuesday.  The position was described as being a split position between two schools.  Both interviews were for schools in the same county I worked in last year.

Yesterday was Wednesday.  Less than 24 hours after the interview on Tuesday, they offered me the job.

I spoke to the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel on the phone yesterday, who was actually the one to present the offer.  He said it was for the position at School #1.  When I pointed out that I thought the position was split between School 1 and School 2, he said that they weren't 100% sure about that yet, and that there very well could be a full time position at School 1, so that was all he could say at the moment.  He assured me that the position would include School 1 in some capacity, whether it being full time or part time with another school to also work at.

Meanwhile, I still have a third interview scheduled for a second middle school still in the same county.  I told Mr. Superintendent this, and he encouraged me to still do the third interview and see where that got me.  Perhaps I'll have more than one position to choose from?

So anyways, that's the scoop there.  I'm pretty much guaranteed a job in the county either way.  What a relief!  Meanwhile, I can't get over the irony that in the end of this whole situation, I got what I wanted to begin with: interviews and now a job offer without even going home.
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Michelle is 26! [Apr. 15th, 2010|04:56 pm]
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |none]

Happy Birthday, Michelle!  
Hope you got our card...

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Movie [Mar. 23rd, 2010|09:16 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |none]

Capitalism: A Love Story.

See it.

You will never think about capitalism the same way again.

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:-) [Mar. 17th, 2010|03:52 pm]
[mood |geekygeeky]
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Happy St. Patrick's Day, Frances!
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